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Entitled Seasons of the Past, it focuses on the rhythms of nature and how they affect my fictional characters, as well as my own past. The seasons, annual cycles of life, holiday observances ─ it's this sort of detail that makes fiction and reality come alive for me.

Connected to this theme will be excerpts, recipes, personal photos, book recommendations, and ​more... including brief updates on my writing.

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A sample from the archives:

A short story for Christmas – my gift to you!



            “Is it tonight, Mama? Please say it is!” Sadie jumped up and down, flapping her arms like a robin fledging in mid-winter.           

            Marian Barnett smiled for her daughter’s sake. Since she had married John and moved to Yorkshire, wassail nights had been gay occasions. They would collect in shifting little knots of friends and family on Christmas Eve and sometimes again for New Year’s Eve and Twelfth Night, laughing at the cold and each other’s antics. They ran to keep warm and sang very badly, yet the rich folk in their snug houses smiled, and provided hot punch for them all, and maybe some cakes, and often pressed pennies or ha’pennies into the children’s hands to be spent on toys or candy. Then the wassailers would run along to the next house to try their luck. And somewhere along the way she would fall into the snow with John, pressed close through all the layers of wool, kissing each other’s numbed lips before hurrying home to strip those layers off and fulfill the craving they’d begun outside, drunk on wassail and Christmas and the long life they would share.

            John was gone close to a year now, saving their daughter from the icy swirling river.

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