Learning to Waltz 
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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read. Beatrix Potter, Clare Turlay Newberry, Marguerite Henry, The Chronicles of Narnia – they’re all vividly remembered and still claim space on my overloaded bookshelves.

Though I read all sorts of things, my first love is historical fiction – particularly England’s Regency period, the early 1800s. I spent my adolescence reading Georgette Heyer, then moved on to “the real thing,” Jane Austen. Many Regency authors later, it’s a thrill to say I am one!

I’m not stuck in the past, however. A good contemporary romance brings us to the very same place – inside a stranger’s heart. My contemporary debut is a novella entitled “Butterfly in a Hurricane,” one of several great stories in From Florida with Love: Sunrise & Stormy Skies, an anthology from Southwest Florida Romance Writers. Click on the cover to the right for more information!

In another personal first, my second novel will begin a series centered on a fictional town in Yorkshire called Wrackwater Bridge. It’s romance, of course. And yes, it’s Regency… back to my roots. See my News page for more!

I will never achieve Austen’s level, but our writing is similar in at least one respect. Our stories are small, intimate. You’ll find no warring armies, no sweeping sagas. It’s not the politics and international upheavals that inspire me but the “real life” of history: how everyday people lived and loved, how the differences of their era made them different than we are today… and yet we are all the same. Then, as now, hearts met and touched, laughed and sang, ached and broke.

Love lies at the heart of all great stories. Love brings happy endings. And the world needs all the happy endings we can provide.

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